Publishing Activity

Information for National Institution Manifestation "Struga Poetry Evenings" - Struga

Besides festival events and activities, in past 55 year Struga Poetry Evenings developed extensive publishing activity. Struga Poetry Evenings each year publish representational book of poetry by the winner of the award Golden Wreath in the original language and translated in Macedonian.

In the Pleiades edition there are published selections of the poetries of eminent poets of the world, Anthologies of poetries of the participating countries, poetry selections of the poet – winner of the award for young poets Bridges of Struga, a poetry selection of the Macedonian poets – winners of the Miladinov Brothers award in foreign languages, the poetry collection of the participants Poetry from Five Continents -Who is Who and other occasional poetry editions.

Below is the list with the most important publishing projects of Struga Poetry Evenings.