Award “Miladinov Brothers”

The „Miladinov Brothers” award was established in 1963 as recognition for the best poetry book between two editions of the Struga Poetry Evenings festival.

The “Miladinov Brothers” Award is the most important national poetry award in Macedonia. This award was named in honor of the renowned Macedonian educators and revivalists, the brothers Dimitar, Naum and Konstantin Miladinov. The eldest of the three brothers, Dimitar, was a collector of Macedonian folklore and enlightener, the middle brother Naum is the first Macedonian musicologist and melographer, whereas the youngest brother Konstatin is the founder of contemporary Macedonian poetry. The “Struga Poetry Evenings” were established in 1961 in his honor. The “Miladinov Brothers” Award is awarded for the best poetry collection published between two festival editions. Each year, the “Struga Poetry Evenings” publish a representative edition of the winner of the “Miladinov Brothers” Award, translated into English. The first winner of the Award was Mateja Matevski for his poetry book “Equinox” in 1963.

Awarded Poets